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    More than 54 years of tradition in quality

    Solutions in electromechanical equipment and low voltage electrical panels and specializes in providing custom solutions for companies and consultants in the steel, mining, paper and cellulose, railroad and engineering sectors. Company certified by ABNT NBR ISO 9001.

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  • Emergency Key Release

    Steel cable drive 'pre-pulled'

    Key suitable for working on high density belt conveyors in steel mills, cement plants and mining, in environments with a high concentration of dust and also in the marine atmosphere.

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About our Company

Eletrosil Metallurgical Industry Ltda is a company dedicated to manufacturing, maintenance repair and rehabilitation of electromechanical equipment and low voltage electrical panels in general.

Specializing in providing customized solutions, has over <strong>54 years</strong> of tradition in the execution of services with high quality, accuracy and deadlines that meet customer needs.

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Our line of

Products and Services

Electric Switches
For belt conveyors, overhead cranes, patio machines, rolling lines, steel mills, coke plants, sintering etc.
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Contactors and Relays
For use in direct current, according to NEMA standard, for use in electrical panels and diesel-electric locomotives / off-road trucks.
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Industrial Connectors and Sockets
High resistance for use in aggressive environments.
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Miscellaneous and Custom Products
Manufacture of electrical contacts, contact blocks, arc extinguishing chambers, magnetic coils, pantographs, multipolar sockets, products according to sample and / or drawing.
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Recovery services
Repair services for electric switches, contactors, electrical contacts, pantographs, reversing switches or any electromechanical equipment.
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